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Makers at the Mill

is a Creative Workshop sister business from 

Sami Lovett who is the Designer Maker at the heart of Just Lovett Design.

Sami has worked in creative education for the past 7 years and has a

passion for teaching people of all ages creative and practical skills. 

Our creative workshops were born from Sami's clients and business network wishing to know how she makes her bespoke products at

Just Lovett Design. ​

​Sami and her team run Creative Workshops, Virtual Craft Parties

and Practical Team Building Days. 

 They teach a wide range of skills and activities to empower their makers to design and make their own personalised products!

You can see our full workshop program here on our website, or if you have an idea for a project that you want to make,

you can book a private workshop with Sami. 

"Overall, the workshop was fantastic!

 I really appreciated the opportunity to try out different power tools, experiment with wood and be creative with a laser cutter. Sami was a brilliant teacher and guided us through the day without a hitch."

Gemma - July 2020



Sami graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012 with a

Ba Hons Degree in Product and Furniture Design

Since then Sami has managed hospitality businesses and followed a

career in creative education.

Where she has worked as a 3D Workshop Instructor at schools, colleges and universities where she found a love for teaching students of all ages 

various practical skills.

Sami and her team teach creative workshops, craft parties and corporate team building days where they teach a wide range of skills and activities to empower her students to design and make their own personalised products!

Our Materials

Where we can, we try to use recyclable or biodegradable materials from local and British suppliers to decrease our carbon footprint.

We reclaim all of our laser cutting waste and offcuts

to create our own range of unique laser cut jewellery!


When we do have to buy new wood, we aim to ensure it's from a sustainable source.  

We don't buy more materials than we need, therefore cutting down on our waste.

Although we do use plastic to produce some products, they are designed to be

kept forever not thrown away.

Sometimes we reclaim acrylic from other local companies to save it 

from ending up in the landfill or our oceans.

Any waste materials we produce, we ensure that they are

recycled or disposed of responsibly.

Our Packaging

Our beautiful products are packaged in recyclable and repurposed packaging.

To protect our items, we package using up-cycled wood wool from R B Woodcraft, a heritage bowl turner who sources his wood sustainably.

We're striving to reduce our use of plastic in our packaging and are looking at affordable alternatives so that we can meet our eco goals.

We firmly believe that if we all try to make those little differences in our everyday lives at work and at home, together we can make a big difference overall.

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