'Sami at Just Lovett Design has creativity, passion and professionalism by the bucket load.' 

Rachel - Managing Consultant 

Strand Recruitment 


Sami Lovett 

Creative Director / Creative Laser Cutting Specialist / Bespoke Designer Maker  

Hi I'm Sami!

I am a qualified Product and Furniture Designer.

I have been providing Creative Laser Cutting and Bespoke Design & Make services locally and nationally withJust Lovett Design since June 2016.

I just love working with all of our clients on a personal level to create truly unique products. 

I truly love what I do! Everyday is completely different whether I'm in my Stdio, workshop or out and about meeting clients. 

Holly Paton

Creative Assistant 

Hello I'm Holly!


I work alongside Sami in the wood workshop and laser studio to complete projects. 

 I support Sami as she strives to grow her business. I acquire new business leads and help with sales.

We can't wait to get into our new studio space so that we can start running our courses! (Coming Soon, watch this space!) 


'Sami's passion for creating unique bespoke giftware excels in all areas. Sami and team clearly love what they do!' 

Phil - Technical Director 

Brontel Ltd


We are passionate about designing and making bespoke products that can be

branded or personalised

 We hope to discourage consumers to give into the throw away culture by creating products that make an emotional connection. 

That's why so much care and love go into the making of all our products.  


Our ethos is to inspire our customers and fellow businesses to take a little bit more responsibility for this beautiful planet we live on.



Where we can, we try to use recyclable or biodegradable materials from local and British suppliers to decrease our carbon footprint.

We reclaim materials when we can to create new products.

For example, we often up-cycle pallets and go to Leeds Wood Recycling for our wood.


We also get inspiration and materials for projects from

Dragon Bridge Reclamation in Leeds. 

Additionally, we try to use reclaimed paint and wood varnish from Seagulls Reuse,

a local recycled paint social enterprise.

When we do have to buy new wood, we aim to ensure it's from a sustainable source.  Most of our products are made-to-order.

We don't buy more materials than we need, therefore cutting down on our waste.

Although we do use plastic to produce some products, they are designed to be

kept forever not thrown away.

Sometimes we reclaim acrylic from larger local companies to save it 

from ending up in the landfill or our oceans.

Any waste materials we produce, we ensure that they are

recycled or disposed of responsibly.



Our beautiful products are packaged in recyclable and repurposed packaging.

To protect our items, we package using up-cycled wood wool from R B Woodcrafta heritage bowl turner who sources his wood sustainably.

We're striving to reduce our use of plastic in our packaging and are looking at affordable alternatives so that we can meet our eco goals.

We firmly believe that if we all try to make those little differences in our everyday lives at work and at home, together we can make a big difference overall.

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