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Creative Enterprise Challenge

Children aged between 11 - 15 will have a unique opportunity to show their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in a one-week, sustainably-focused programme to take place in Leeds during the school holidays.
The Creative Enterprise Challenge is described by the programme’s leader Sami Lovett as a “real life ‘The Apprentice’ meets ‘Dragon's Den’ experience”. It takes the best aspects of these successful TV shows and blends them with practical skills workshops led by Sami, to form a programme designed to give children a valuable opportunity to develop their skills and confidence.

Over the course of five days, ten students are split into two teams of five to meet a sustainable design brief that involves designing a brand, product, marketing video and start-up business plan. They design and make their own products using recycled materials and learn handicraft, graphic design and digital fabrication skills in Just Lovett Design’s workshop throughout the week.

The students also learn business skills to enable them to cost out their products with a view to making a profit at retail. At the end of the week, each team has its ‘Dragon’s Den’ moment where they present and pitch their creations to an expert panel of judges who are successful entrepreneurs themselves. 

As part of the programme, the teams will have to identify a target market or corporate clients. If they are happy with their finished products they can then go on to sell them to these customers should they want to.

"The Creative Enterprise Challenge aims to educate and inspire children, who will walk away at the end of the week with so much more than a product and a business plan. We’ve seen the transformation that’s possible in just one week in previous programmes, with the children often starting the week a little nervous but by the end of the week they’ve made new friends and really built their confidence.”

- Sami Lovett

All the wood used in the products made by the students in the Creative Enterprise Challenge originates from re-used wooden boxes and plywood sheets supplied by Morley Glass, a Leeds-based manufacturer of double glazed window units that feature integral blinds. The company has also sponsored the Creative Enterprise Challenge Scheme to help Sami get the programme up and running in 2022. They have generously promised to donate 50% of the fees for 2023 too.

Testimonials from the Judges

Testimonials from the Parents

We also run our Creative Enterprise Challenge during term time.
We have previously worked with SEND students from East SILC

If you would like to book a group of students for the creative Enterprise Challenge during term time, please get in touch with us to organise your booking.

Do you love the sound of our Creative Enterprise Challenge, but you are over the age of 18?
Don't worry, we offer a condensed version as a team-building experience.

We are also going to be hosting a Creative Enterprise Retreat for Adults in May too!
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"This is genuinely an amazing idea. Literally, the only thing about it that isn't amazing was having to choose between the two teams! Not only did they both have great products and great stories, but they'd put together proper business pitches. To do all that in the space of a week is nothing short of miraculous.

Well done to everyone involved!"

Charlie Beech, Judge, Feb 2022

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Creative Enterprise Challenge?

We are hosting a week-long fun learning experience for 10 challengers per week to compete in teams to design a brand, product and advert that responds to our Design Brief. ​

To design and make their product, challengers will learn handcraft skills in our workshop and, graphic design and digital fabrication skills in our design studio. We will teach them business skills so that they can cost out their products to make a good profit at retail.

At the end of the week, each team will present and pitch their creation to an expert panel of judges. Their task is to convince the judges to fictionally invest in their product to get their start-up business off the ground​.

Day 1
  • Introduction

  • Creative Challenge1:"Make a Personalised Sign"

  • Pitch yourselves to the group.

  •  Brief Explained

  • Teams Chosen

  • Initial Ideas created.

Day 2
  • Creative Challenge 2:3D Problem Solving.

  • Create a business name and logo for your business.

  • Design your Products.

Day 3
  • Product Prototyping.

  • Product Development.

  • Digital Fabrication Skills.

  • Business Planning.

Day 4
  • Product Making

  • Product Photography

  • Product Costings

  • Marketing Video

Day 5
  • Presentation preparation 

  • Presentations and Pitches to to the judges.

  • Awards Ceremony

"My daughter really liked working with wood, collaborating with the other students and learning new things about promoting products. She also made some new friends. Thanks for providing such a unique experience for our kids."

Parent Feedback, Feb 2022

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